Call for submissions

Hello friend ❤

I am writing today to invite you to be among the first group of contributors to a new project I am launching called I Won’t Commit.

I Won’t Commit is a site dedicated to addressing suicide in marginalized communities, with a focus on practical ways to keep us alive.

We are looking for everything you’ve got that helps you stay alive. An essay on a self-care process, a beautiful picture you took (or even just love, with proper attribution), a link to a great art (science, math, political, whevs) project, an arresting website that helps you fall back in love with life – anything that helps you stay alive could find a home on I Won’t Commit.

I Won’t Commit is my pledge to stay alive in the Trump administration, and to do what I can to help others do the same.

The site is launching as a solo venture under my editorship, but it is my immediate goal to publish diverse, strong voices to support our communities. No one, including myself, will be making money on this venture at this point, but it is my goal to become a paying site for marginalized writers and artists in the event that the site develops revenue.

Head on over to our Submit page to learn more. Even if you don’t end up submitting, I hope you enjoy the site. Take care!

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