Newly discovered animals!

Discovery happens all the time, and these incredible creatures are just some of the recent finds!

Live Science has a great feed for animal discoveries – but just a heads up, a shocking number of new animal discoveries are nightmare spiders 😂 😂

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.00.12 PM.png

Richard L. Pyle

This newly discovered colorful Hawaiian fishy, Tosanoides obama, received the honor last month of sharing its name with another famous Hawaiian, former President Barack Obama. Adorbs!


Mauricio Antón

Turns out, 6 million years ago these LITERAL OTTERS THE SIZE OF WOLVES terrorized China. BUT SO ADORABLY! 


Fan Peng-Fei

Oh my gibbon! Specifically: Skywalker hoolock gibbon! The scientists who named the adorable primate friend say their inspiration came from the Chinese name, which translates to “heaven’s movement,” as well as from the Star Wars fandom. May the gibbon be with me!

What’s your favorite recent discovery? Share it in the comments!

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