The Friday Feelgood for March 31, 2017

Happy Happy Happy! This week in the Friday Feelgood:

Yesterday in the office everyone was buzzing about this new pneumatic robot hand inspired by octopus tentacles. What!

This week National Geographic brings us an amazing story of dinosaur tracks in Australia. Fearing damage to one of their sacred sites from a planned natural gas plant, members of the Goolarabooloo people contacted researchers at the University of Queensland. The result is an incredible effort to map a trove of dinosaur tracks from over 20 species. Some of the tracks are over a meter long!


And in still more awesome dino news, a new discovery suggests Tyrannosauri reges (mmhm, that’s a proper plural lol) had sensitive snouts they may have rubbed together during mating! That. Is. Too. Cute!


What’s making you feel good this week? Let us know in the comments!

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