Science finally finds your “higher consciousness”

A happy and mindful Monday to you! This week:


In a definite “told-ya-so!” for some of us, University of Sussex researchers are now confirming that tripping really is a kind of “higher consciousness.”😂 😂  Specifically they found that people on psychedelic drug trips had a greater diversity of brain signals than people in other states of consciousness. (So that’s why you never found your lucky rabbit’s foot…)


This week brings us more news from the ongoing study of mindfulness and its effects on students, with a new study in American College Health showing that an 8-week mindfulness makes college freshman less likely to experience depression, anxiety and alcohol-related incidents like hangovers and blackouts. Sounds good to us!


This week also offers the somewhat controversial news that mindfulness may be more effective for men than women, according to a new Brown University study. We at I Won’t Commit don’t like gender dualism, but we’re pretty into evidence-based science, and findings like this could help design better mental health and wellness treatments and programs in the future.

What do you think about this study? Let us know in the comments!

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