Artistic landmarks

Happy Wednesday! This week, let’s take a look at some amazing public or collective artistic landmarks 🎨🎨

Malowana chata (Zalipie, Poland)

The town of Zalipie, Poland is covered all over with amazing hand-painted designs, with the town getting together to keep it up every spring.

The Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project was started in Detroit by local artist Tyree Guyton, who transformed his neighborhood into a “living indoor/outdoor art gallery.” The project is currently transitioning to a new home in the city.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.44.44 PM.png

The HOPE Outdoor Gallery in Austin, Texas was launched with the help of artist Shepard Fairey. “It is the only paint park of its kind in the USA and was developed to provide muralists, street artists, arts education classes and community groups the opportunity to display large scale art pieces driven by inspirational, positive & educational messaging.”

Are there are artistic landmarks where you live? Let us know in the comments!

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