Saturday Action: Chechnya

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I’m sorry about missing our usual Friday post, but it’s been a doozy of a week!

Anyway, this Saturday I’d like to tell you about an action I took this week, and ask if you could do the same.

This week, BuzzFeed reported that the Russian LGBT Network was not pursuing U.S. visas because they had come to understand they would not be made available, and I want to help change that. If there is no political will to get these people visas, then we have to create the political will.

Contact your senator

Contact your representative

I’m asking you to consider contacting the people who represent you in government in hopes that we can find the people to create the political will to do something here. Ask your senator or representative to do anything in their power to help get this visa process moving. You could also link them to the Russian LGBT Network for coordination. 40 people are in hiding in Chechnya, fearing for their lives just because of their sexual orientation.

This is a dark time for our government in the United States, so it is on us to bring the light.

Thank you.

SJWs slaying new media!

Around here, SJW isn’t a dirty word. What better to be a warrior for than social justice? Take a look at these SJWs who are slaying it in the world of new media.

Kat Blaque is a fixture of social justice on YouTube, building an audience with her strong views, strong voice and ‘true tea.’

Dylan Marron, who first came to our attention as sexy outsider scientist Carlos on Welcome to Night Vale, has spread his wings and become a badass SJW, with the help of Seriously.TV.

Noted sexy bisexual RJ Aguiar shuts down biphobia and other bullshit on his YouTube channel, TheNotAdam.

Who are your favorite social justice warriors in the new media game? Let us know in the comments!

The Friday Feelgood for March 10

Welcome to the Friday Feelgood for March 10!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.01.59 PM
This week’s Friday Feelgood kicks off with Monday’s educational doodle dedicated to Komodo National Park. I don’t mean to editorialize, but it’s just so darn cute! 😂 😂



Barack Obama visited the National Gallery of Art this weekend, where The Hill reports a crowd broke into cheers applause upon spotting him. As it should be!




Image: Mari Katayama

The Guardian offers a look into the work of the brilliant Mari Katayama, an artist born with tibial hemimelia who uses her body as a ‘living sculpture.’ “You can’t separate my body from my work. But, I’m not making art out of my disabilities.





Credit: Kevin Johnson, Santa Cruz Sentinel

The Santa Cruz Sentinel profiles Janina Larenas and the organization she started, Print | Organize | Protest, designed to connect artists, printers and everyday people to help create art of resistance.

Finally this week we have chocolate lasagna. Because chocolate lasagna.

The Activist Report for March 8, 2017

Welcome to the second edition of the Activist Report! We devote this week’s report to International Women’s Day, celebrated this day every year.

ADWAW2.pngThis year in the United States, March 8th, International Women’s Day, is being recognized as A Day Without a Woman. The day calls for a general strike from paid and unpaid labor, the avoidance of spending money, and wearing red in solidarity. Learn more at Women’s March.

10 Women To Inspire You On International Women’s Day March 8 (Bustle)

How Countries Around the World Are Celebrating International Women’s Day (Fortune)

International Women’s Day: tell us about a battle you’ve won (The Guardian)


The Activist Report #1

Welcome to the Activist Report, our weekly Wednesday look at activism, protests, boycotts and other actions. Stay inspired!

Harnessing ‘Power of the Purse to Demonstrate Power of Democracy,’ NAACP Calls for N.C. Boycott (Common Dreams)
The NAACP on Friday called for the first steps in an international economic boycott of the state of North Carolina, following state legislative attacks on voter and worker rights and the LGBTQ community.

Arizona House Speaker declares controversial ‘protest’ bill dead (The Arizona Republic)
The Arizona Republic and others report that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and the Republican leader of the Arizona House have declared dead a bill that would have brought charges of racketeering against organizers of protests that turn violent.

100 gather peacefully in Anaheim to protest officer’s firing of gun in scuffle with teen (Orange County Register)
The Orange Country Register offers coverage of a peaceful protest at the Anaheim Police Department on Sunday against the actions of an off-duty officer who discharged a weapon in a scuffle with local children.

Alternative signs protest ‘real men provide, real women appreciate it’ billboard (WRAL)
WRAL covers a local protest in Winston-Salem, South Carolina against a sexist billboard reading “Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It.” Protesters are creating their own counter-signs, and the winner will be placed on a billboard nearby. The billboard’s owner will not reveal who is responsible for the ad.

Before Colin Kaepernick: Trayvon, Twitter and the rebirth of NBA and NFL protest (NY Daily News)
Chuck Modiano of the NY Daily News takes a look at social media activism in sports, led both by players and sports organizations.

What actions are you taking this week? Tell us in the comments!