New music Friday!

Happy happy happy Friday!

This week I’m happy to share with you a playlist of some of the chill electronic music I’ve been making lately. If it strikes your fancy, maybe bookmark it so you can grab a quick meditative moment at work or on the go.

Hope you have an amazing day!


Queer women blues singers

Hello hello and happy Wednesday! It’s June, and that means it’s both African-American Music Appreciation Month as well as LGBT Pride Month. Bringing those two things together, we’ll spend Wednesdays this month appreciating music by LGBTQ African Americans.

Let’s start out this week with a celebration of queer women blues singers. Hat tip to Lesbian News for the inspo.

“Mother of the Blues” Ma Rainey on Wikipedia. ‘Prove It on Me Blues’ is famous for its lesbian references.

Eventually becoming the highest-paid black entertainer of her day, Bessie Smith worked with Ma Rainey early in her career.

Gladys Bentley was a brazen gender-bender who performed with drag queens in Harlem of the 30s.

Saturday Action: Chechnya

Hello hello!

I’m sorry about missing our usual Friday post, but it’s been a doozy of a week!

Anyway, this Saturday I’d like to tell you about an action I took this week, and ask if you could do the same.

This week, BuzzFeed reported that the Russian LGBT Network was not pursuing U.S. visas because they had come to understand they would not be made available, and I want to help change that. If there is no political will to get these people visas, then we have to create the political will.

Contact your senator

Contact your representative

I’m asking you to consider contacting the people who represent you in government in hopes that we can find the people to create the political will to do something here. Ask your senator or representative to do anything in their power to help get this visa process moving. You could also link them to the Russian LGBT Network for coordination. 40 people are in hiding in Chechnya, fearing for their lives just because of their sexual orientation.

This is a dark time for our government in the United States, so it is on us to bring the light.

Thank you.

I Am Not a Snowflake

Hi all!

It snowed last week where I am in Michigan, and it reminded me to dust of the draft of this post. I just gotta say:

I am not a snowflake.

To hear Republicans tell it, America’s enemy #1 is a mewling anthropomorphic snowstorm – whether or not it’s an actual threat depends on their mood.

“Special little snowflakes,” they call us.

Because we insist on our individuality? Because we’re indistinguishable as individuals in groups? Because we’re delicate and common?

Because we’re in increasing danger under a president who doesn’t believe in climate change?

Because we’ll crush you if the conditions are right?

Seriously, nothing makes me want to pull that jab-both-eyes Three Stooges thing quite like thinking about the next smarmy white guy who’s going to push up his glasses and call me a snowflake like he just cured cancer.


This post used to continue with a litany of the things I’ve endured, but I decided that’s really not what this is about. We’ve all been through a lot. That’s pretty much a given for a website aimed at suicide prevention among marginalized people.

I decided what it’s really about is all the things I am despite or because of all the things I’ve been through.

I’m more than two years sober, for one. I got an amazing chest tattoo last month, for another.

I’m strong, and secure, and able to carry some weight in the world for queers and weirdos. I get to wake up 3 times a week knowing I’ve put one small crack in the wall of shit we face every day with this very website.

People like us get told we’re nothing a lot. But you know what? I’m not nothing. I haven’t melted. I’m not delicate. No marginalized person is.

You’ve bent, but you haven’t broken, and you’ve learned so much along the way. Every marginalized person knows more and has lived more because we have to fight for it.

We’re not the ones losing our shit about Netflix changing its review system. ☕😂 (I’m sorry, but can you imagine a more white boy problem!? 😂 😂😂 )

Trying to make us feel small and divided is just one more bullshit tool. You got this. We got this.

Are you a snowflake? How do you feel? Let us know in the comments.