A person who has good thoughts

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

-Roald Dahl, The Twits, p. 7

World Smile Day

Hey hey and happy Friday!

Today is World Smile Day! I don’t know who decides that kind of thing, but it seems like something to celebrate!

What makes you smile? Let us know in the comments!

Runnin’ down a dream

Hello hello and happy Tuesday,

I was saddened this morning to learn of the death of Tom Petty, who has over time become one of my true faves. I thought I’d share the (truly trippy!) video for my personal favorite Tom Petty song, “Runnin’ Down a Dream,” which I think has something to say to a lot of us.

Peace be with you,


Just do it

Hello hello and a happy weekend!

Sorry I haven’t been around much of late. I’ve been getting accustomed to a new (much better) schedule because I have gone and got myself a new job.

Which brings me to the topic of today’s post: I want to invite you to just do it.

My old job reached down in my soul and pulled out whatever it could, and I believe it very nearly killed me. But I did it because of the expectation to ‘be a grownup’ and because it came with some nice perks that helped me ignore the life slowly draining out of me.

But it wasn’t worth it. The schedule negatively affected my social life (i.e. canceled it), while the actual job tasked me to get verbally kicked around with a smile at 3 in the morning.

This job threw all my shit out of whack, but I ignored that for a long time because I felt boxed in. I felt like this was the only job I could ever get, and that I needed to stick with it to prove that I could “adult.”

I was like the man in the gray flannel suit, except it was just normal flannel.

It made me a worse friend, boyfriend, cat dad, and all-around person, and it took an immense toll on my psyche.

And that it way more fucking important than a 401k.

Wouldn’t have mattered if I saved for retirement if I wasn’t there to see it. Your life is way more important than your social status, and you can’t keep doing something out of obligation or fear.

It is easier said than done, but you have got to do it. You don’t need a better meditation technique. You don’t need to just suck it up. You cannot hate the thing you spend a third of your life doing and expect to have a happy life.

You will find another job. Another situation will come along. Be smart, and prioritize your health. Wanting a job that doesn’t make you break out in panic sweat every day does not make you a “weak millennial” or whatever age you are!

I wondered for so long if it was even possible to like your job, never thinking about the fact that I had the woefully inadequate sample size of, um, just my job.

And it’s not just jobs. This is not the only thing you have going for you. This is not the only relationship/religion/major/apartment/or overall life path that you could possibly be on. All you have to do is step off.

You are not fated to suffer, you’re just suffering. There’s a difference.

You are not trapped. You always have options. They may not always be perfectly equivalent, but, say taking a pay cut is better than crying all the time.

You can do it. You can!

Life update

Hello hello and happy Friday!

I’d like to share an important thing in my life with you. After living with untreated bipolar II for over a decade, I finally made an appointment with a psychiatrist, and will be starting medical treatment for my mental illness.

  • There is no shame in being mentally ill.
  • There is no shame in seeking treatment for mental illness.
  • People who disagree with either of those statements are dicks and you shouldn’t talk to them.

I’m sharing this with you because you can run an actual anti-suicide website and somehow not take your own advice.

Do what you need to do. Find a therapist. Get help paying for medications. Watch a compilation of puppy videos. Sign yourself up for National Novel Writing Month. Check out these fucking jellyfish galaxies.

PS sorry I curse so much, but you guys know you can submit!

Please pretty pretty please get the help you need.

<3, Schlomo


Subscriber challenge

Hello hello and happy Monday!

I’m extremely proud and blessed to have a small but extremely loyal following. And this week I want to shout out to you guys to see if you’ll submit.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna name names or follow up haha, but I’m just saying: if you like every post on this site, I bet you have something to add to it.

I can’t pay, it’s true. If trends persist, this site will be in the red for its entire lifespan. Love as I would to pay contributors, the site has zero revenue and lacks that kind of subscriber base.

Which is where the power of collaboration comes in. I am not in any way looking for personal glory with this site, and actually never thought I would…well, write this many posts in the first person. The site was always meant to be collaborative to just get good tips about staying alive to people who need them.


It got too real. Just look at this thing.

Anyway…TLDR, please submit any tips, tricks, links, activities, recipes, undiscovered ancient epics, etc., you have that you find useful in the daily art of staying alive.

Peace be with you,


Vsyo budyet horosho

Hello hello and happy Friday!

I thought I’d end the week with an uplifting and decidedly weird blast from my past.

I am by training a Russianist, and in the course of my studies I became acquainted with the work of Verka Serduchka, Ukraine’s favorite drag queen (and Eurovision contestant!).

I give you now one of her biggest hits, “Vsyo budyet horosho” (Всё будет хорошо) – Russian for “Everything is going to be good.”

I did something I was supposed to do this week. I checked on someone, and it turns out they really needed it. If you’re thinking about reaching out to someone, please do it. You never know when you can save a life.